Here Comes My Baby

Here Comes My Baby

Why did I start a mommy blog? Because they’re everywhere. Okay, no really that’s not the only reason. I’ve seen so many blogs with positive and negative advice about pregnancy and motherhood in general, so I thought why not go ahead and do my own. I guess we should start at the beginning.

My husband and I got married last June. One of the greatest days of my life, we’ve been together nearly 5 years now and we always knew we wanted to have kids. We both come from pretty big families overall. He is the 2nd of 4 boys, and I’m the 3rd of 5. Yes 2 middle children, but it’s been an adventure. We are truly chaos and order. Yes, chaos is me. I started going to the doctor to make sure every was okay and that we would not have any crazy challenges. Due to my husband being adopted and my struggles with my weight, naturally I was freaking out. When we got the green light from my doctor that everything was okay I was beyond ecstatic.

Christmas Eve I started feeling weird.Even though I wasn’t late yet I took a pregnancy test. Bam! “Pregnant” came across the screen. I cried. I told my husband, he cried. It was so hard not to tell my parents. I’m really close with my parents, but I wanted to surprise them. That night we told my husband’s family while we celebrated Christmas. They were excited for us, if you know my mother in law, you know there was lots of screaming and excitement. My husband’s family and my youngest brother were the only other people who knew we were pregnant. So Christmas Eve I wrapped up a gift and put in my 2 pregnancy tests inside that said “pregnant” for my parents to unwrap. After they opened the gift they both teared up and congratulated us. It was seriously a great feeling.

I’m currently 5 months along. Yesterday we went to the doctor to find out the gender. My sister is the only one who knows and I’m stuck waiting until Sunday. I’m beyond excited. Boy or girl, I really don’t care, but I will say I have felt from the very beginning that we’re having a girl.

How are you feeling? Amazing. Fantastic. I feel like I’m falling in love all over again. Even though there are some difficulties and challenges I can’t say I feel anything negative. I honestly feel great. I wake up every morning just beyond happy. I’m happy all day…well there are work stresses during the day that make me cranky, but overall I am happy. I look forward to every morning of this pregnancy.

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