What Is This Feeling?

What Is This Feeling?

We’re still over 24 hours away from finding out if we’re having a boy or girl. I’m beyond anxious. I can’t wait to start really shopping for the baby and actually start calling the baby by name. All day yesterday the baby was having fun kicking at a nerve. It was painful but I couldn’t help but laugh. When I say painful, I mean it’s an “ah okay that doesn’t feel good!” not an “OMG MAKE IT STOP!” I also found myself telling the baby “what are you doing?! Stop its not funny!” Of course my father egged the baby on by saying “Yeah kick her!” My mom told me that it’s around that time when I’ll feel the baby moving more and more due to how far along I am. People always ask me what I’m feeling.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Nausea? Morning sickness? Eating for two!

Thank God I didn’t have this. I was afraid because my body is so sensitive to every little thing that I would have morning sickness. The only thing I had was if I ate too much, or didn’t eat enough I would feel sick. If I gorged myself I felt fine…for about 10 minutes then I was in the bathroom literally releasing everything that was in my body. Not pretty, not fun. So I had to learn to figure out if I’m actually hungry or dehydrated. Also, Mexican food that I love…baby doesn’t like so much. So after the first couple of months I learned slower than I should have what to do and what not to do.

Are your emotions all crazy?

I’m already an emotional person. It’s rather pathetic sometimes. Little sweet things make me cry. Hey I’m the 7 year old that cried in Final Fantasy 7 when a character died. I also get angry very quickly. My mom likes to be nice sometimes and call it “passionate” when in reality we know I’m crazy. I’m learning patience and not to yell and freak out all the time…it doesn’t always work. Ask my husband how many times I’ve apologized for being a complete lunatic. Then there’s the random crying at things like Miss Universe. Yeah…I cried when she was crowned. So yeah, that “typical” symptom I got.

What about the acne?

Depends on the day. Some times my skin is clear and nice. Thankfully, I never had any real issues with acne. So breaking out randomly freaks me out and then I have to realize it’s just the changes in my body. Thankfully the acne seems to go away after a week and a half at the latest. I’m very very thankful that it isn’t as bad as it could be. The dry skin in random places is a bit irritating though, but again not as bad as it could be.


Only after my walks. I’m not an exercise kind of person. I never have been, but my doctor, family members, coworkers, and strangers all tell me walking is good for the endurance I’ll need when the baby comes. So I’ve been walking more. I feel like it’s therapy almost, I put on my music and just walk the neighborhood. I find myself going through a plethora of emotions, but at the end I feel good. Plus exposure to the sun will help my pastey skin. I’m really hoping the baby gets the good Filipino genes and isn’t like their father and I. 10 minutes in the sun and we’re burnt somewhere.


Okay as you can see…I’m a lazy person. I mean L-A-Z-Y, but I’ve been working on it. Sitting straight up and falling asleep randomly while drooling profusely all over myself is not cool. I then get to that point where you’re in between conscious and unconscious where you go to move, you tell yourself you’re moving/waking up and then you’re asleep again.

Weight gain and cravings?

Cravings. Fruit and chips. Like seriously can I just have two gigantic bowls. One full of fruits, all kinds I’m not picky. Another full of potato chips and Dean’s french onion dip. And then maybe a smaller bowl of Doritos and sour cream. Okay, I know the Doritos and sour cream sounds gross, but it’s delicious. My own personal favorite fat girl treat.

I have been what I call a fat girl since I was about 12 or 13. I used to be tiny. I mean the skinniest little girl on the planet. Puberty hit and my self consciousness became a real issue so I became fat. I didn’t want to fix it, because honestly I thought that it would only last while I was in high school. Then college I maintained my weight, due to walking literally everywhere. There are no real reasons for my weight issues other than I ignored them. I realize it seems like I went on a tangent, but it’ll come around. Last month my doctor told me that since I am overweight (I don’t discuss the number) that he wanted me on a 2,300 low sugar diet. Oh did I mention that I also have high blood sugar and if I kept up with the way I was eating before pregnancy I would have become diabetic? He let me know that I currently have gestational diabetes. The way he explained it was that it just means I have higher blood sugar than is recommended for the baby and the insulin that my body creates could end up harming the baby if it is too much.

I started using this app called My Fitness Pal Under Armour is the one that created it. I started keeping up with my walking and eating and I found I was already eating around 2,300 calories a day. I kept up with that for about 2 weeks because I realized even though the doctor said 2,300 I didn’t need to stress out over it if I didn’t change my eating habits. The day I found out I was pregnant I started eating better. I cut down on a lot of crap…Taco Bell is like a treat to me now. I used to drink a Mountain Dew every morning and then eat candy through out the day to keep my hyper (sometimes my job gets boring), and I stopped that. Over the course of this pregnancy I have lost about 30 pounds. Yes…lost. I am officially lighter than I was before I was pregnant.

Once I became pregnant I realized it is not about me. It is all about this baby and if I want a healthy baby I am the only person who can ensure that happens. The doctor told me the baby looks good and healthy and it was like music to my ears. I will continue to do this, even after pregnancy. It has really opened my eyes to not be so selfish. I mean, my husband has been teaching my that, but bringing this life into the world is true selflessness to me.


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