Shake It Off

Shake It Off

When I first told my sister in law that I was pregnant she gave me the best advice “Get ready for tons of advice. Like I’m talking you are going to want to throat punch everyone eventually. The best advice I got was to stop listening to advice.” I laughed when she said that, boy was she right.

I notice the second you tell someone you’re pregnant, or they see you they wanna tell you what they did when they were pregnant. I understand that it’s a bonding thing for women and they’re excited for me…but sometimes I want it to stop. Like that’s great that you craved the same thing I do can we stop it there versus you going “oh but if you eat too much of it <insert potential harm to baby here> could happen.” Overall this doesn’t happen too often, thanks to me working at home. I really do hate people but it happens enough to where I can say it kinda irks me, then again I try to see it from their point of view. They’re excited, it’s an experience they can share with someone else.

The thing that gets me the most and I can’t help but want to scream is the horror stories. Please stfu about the horror stories. I’m a first time mom…please keep your horror stories to yourself. It’s terrifying and more annoying than anything. Like you were a first time mom at one point, you know how absolutely terrified you were. I’m sure you didn’t want to hear how your uterus ripped and your baby came out of your body like Alien…seriously I don’t wanna know. I’m promising myself right now I will not do this unless it’s to a family member to mess with them. 

So with that I’m going to keep my positive attitude that’s seemed to crept up on me since I’ve been pregnant. Whenever either of these things happen to me I’ll just smile, nod, make sure the right interjection is used and try and think that they’re just excited. Yeah let’s see how long that lasts since I’m a horribly mean human being. 

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