The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are Alright

Not only is Thanksgiving just around the corner so is Ava turning 3 months old. She’s been in this habit for the past week where she wakes up for his middle of the night change and feeding and then doesn’t sleep until 2-4am. This is not good for many reasons.

1) She then sleeps for 12 hours and her entire day is gone or she’ll wake up a few hours later take her morning nap and then sleep all after noon into the early evening. So this becomes hard to manage because I try to anticipate when she’ll wake to play with her and whatnot, but she’s not having it.

2) This becomes Ava play time. Why sleep when she can play mommy?  No she doesn’t want to play during the day when the sun is out, she’s a nocturnal beast.

3) This is the worst, I have to start getting ready to go back to work and my day starts at 6am. Thankfully my husband has changed his hours to where he is working at 7am instead of 3am. This has already been working out much better.

I originally wasn’t going back to work until the beginning of the year. Due to our financial state we can’t afford for me to wait that long. It was also more of my choice because I don’t like how tight things are money wise and I have to start paying these medical bills somehow. So anyways now that I’ve complained about my money situation blah blah blah moving on.

Ava is apparently like me as a baby, always has to fight sleep. So here comes when I have to teach her to sleep on her own, but most importantly it’s not Ava chooses when she sleeps. It is the hardest thing. Hearing her cry makes me insane I just want to hold her and stay with her, but I know she needs to be on this schedule otherwise I will never sleep and I will go insane. Some questions I get asked:

Why don’t you sleep when she sleeps?

Okay fair enough I do try, in fact today I took a nap for a couple of hours while she slept.  It during the day I have things to do: laundry, bills, dishes, cleaning up in general, etc. Besides my work schedule is 6-2:30 so I really can’t take a nap until AFTER 2:30. Thank God I work from home which makes things easier.

Why don’t you just let her sleep she’ll change her schedule eventually?

Eventually is now. I can’t have her awake all night, she’s proven that she can sleep for 7-12 hours at one time I just need her to adjust that to the night time. Like if she slept at 8 and slept that long I’d be fine.

Why don’t you wake her up and try to keep her up then?

Fuck that. My child is so me it’s like “you want me awake?! FINE I’LL SCREAM THE WHOLE TIME!!” Its best to let her sleep, and the pediatrician told me the same thing, to let her sleep and eat as much as she wants because she’s a baby.

Why not cosleep with her, make it easy in yourself?

I coslept with her for about 2 weeks after she was born. My husband would leave for work and she’d wake up for a feeding and I’d just let her sleep with me. The reason I don’t like doing that is I’m so terrified of crushing her. Also she sleeps just fine in her bassinet so I don’t feel like she needs me there. Also, I don’t see an issue with the whole crying it out thing.

So I have tasked myself to start forcing her to realize that she sleeps when it’s time to sleep. I have to stay strong and stay firm with her. My parents told me that when I started to just cry it out it took me 2 1/2 hours to finally stop. So I’m ready for a long night. I don’t know how other parents do it, I think we all just hope what we’re doing is the best and go from there. So if you have a different approach that worked then awesome, I’m going to try this way.

My favorite piece of advice I got my from my sister was. “It’s your baby. If you want to cosleep with her or have her cry it out it’s up to you. Just don’t wake her up while she’s sleeping unless you absolutely have to.”